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Game theory course

Have you ever wondered what happens during the process of rivalry, struggle and competition between different individuals? All these situations can be regarded as games where individuals are trying to outplay each other. The concepts and main ideas of these games have been intensively researched and applied in numerous fields such as, politics, sociology, biology and many others. If you are willing to learn more about game theory, the introductory course Welcome to Game Theory is for you.

What does this course on game theory teach?

The course Welcome to Game Theory will focus on main ideas of game theory, it’s framework that is used to analyze behaviors of individuals in different competitive situations. The course will teach you about main concepts, such as

  • equilibrium
  • rationality
  • cooperation

This introductory course will pay special attention to the philosophies of game theory that, in other educational resources, is often hidden behind mathematical definitions.

What will this course on game theory include?

The course will last for four weeks. Each week there will be about 1.5 – 2 hours of video that will be divided into short video clips. Your homework will consist of quizzes and problem sest. There will be a final exam.

The class will tell you about the following topics:

  • significance and implementation of game theory
  • understanding Nash equilibrium
  • rationality, knowledge, and evolution
  • sustaining cooperation

Some tasks promise to be entertaining.  In the introductory video for the course your teacher asks you to prepare a deck of cards and to find someone to play a simple game with you.

Who is the teacher of the course Welcome to Game Theory?

The course Welcome to Game Theory was created by the University of Tokyo. The instructor is Michihiro Kandori, a Professor of Economics who has done a lot of research on game theory.

Do I need to have any knowledge in economics?

No prior knowledge of economics or game theory is required. You’ll only need some simple arithmetic skills.

Is there a certificate?

There are two variants of certificates for students who successfully completed the course. You can work for a Statement of Accomplishment or a Verified Certificate. The Verified Certificate will cost 35 euros, you can attach this certificate to your CV.

Do I have to pay for the course?

The course Welcome to Game Theory is free.

How do I enroll?

Visit the course page to enroll in the course.