Chinese for Beginners online course description

Chinese for Beginners

Learning a new language is a good exercise for the brain, and, as a research states, it may even prevent the onset of dementia. So why not let your brain do such healthy and useful work? You can start today by taking an online course Chinese for Beginners.

Isn’t Chinese too difficult to even try learning it?

The creators of the course Chinese for Beginners definitely didn’t think so. They designed the course so well that you will be saying some of the basic phrases already at your first lesson. You won’t need to learn any Chinese characters, but start directly with mastering the melodic sounds of the language. The instructor gives detailed and clear description of Chinese pronunciation.

Also, the course Chinese for Beginners is self-paced, there are only suggested deadlines to help you keep on track, but no pressure.

What does a course look like?

There are 6 hours of video lectures and quizzes. During these lectures professor Xiaoyu Liu will be speaking, and showing the material in a text form too.

You can switch on the subtitles in English, Serbian, Urdu or Marathi.

What will I be able to say in Chinese after taking this course?

You will be able to ask questions like: “What is your name?” or “Where are you from?” You will learn how to talk about your preferences in food and shopping. You will be able to have simple conversations on such topics as:

  • daily arrangements
  • prices
  • cities
  • countries
  • weather
  • hobbies

I already know some Chinese. What if Chinese for Beginners is too easy for me?

Then you can go to the content page of the course and check the material yourself. All lectures are titled, you can choose any you like and give it a try. You don’t need to sign up for the course to try it.

Will I get a document that would show everybody I can speak Chinese now?

You can purchase a certificate for 49.00$. In this case you’ll also get a shareable link to the certificate, and to your grades and the course syllabus. You can then share this link with your friends or your employer.

Is the course Chinese for Beginners also paid?

No, the course Chinese for Beginners is completely free.

How do I sign up?

Go to the course page and sign up for the course whenever you want.