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Game theory course

Have you ever wondered what happens during the process of rivalry, struggle and competition between different individuals? All these situations can be regarded as games where individuals are trying to outplay each other. The concepts and main ideas of these games have been intensively researched and applied in numerous fields such as, politics, sociology, biology and many others. If you are willing to learn more about game theory, the introductory course Welcome to Game Theory is for you.

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New course on Business Growth

Unlike many other courses on business, Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part II is on online course that focuses not on how to start a business but on how to grow an already existing business. Note that while this course has “Part II” in its title, you don’t have to attend the first part before starting with the second one: there are two parts of the course because they focus on two different stages a business goes through.

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