Start Writing Fiction online course on FutureLearn

A course on writing fiction

Do you want to start writing fiction or to improve your skills as an author? The upcoming free online course Start Writing Fiction on FutureLearn will teach you important skills about writing fiction, paying extra attention to creating characters.

What will this online course be about?

The course Start Writing Fiction will tell you about different rituals of writing. It will teach you how to develop your own stories, focusing on how to create a character. During the course you will be learning from successful authors about their experience in writing. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with fellow authors, and to improve your writing following their feedback.

What will the course Start Writing Fiction include?

The course will last for 8 weeks. It will require about 3 hours per week of your time. You will take part in different exercises and peer reviews. You will be learning to read like a writer and to provide feedback for the writing. You will be redrafting your writing and using a journal while creating your stories. Most importantly the course Start Writing Fiction will make you start writing yourself.

What did other students think about this course on writing?

The course Start Writing Fiction received positive reviews from other students, who called the course “awesome” and “excellent”. They found the course perfect for beginner writers and felt that this course enabled them to start writing their own prose. Students were also inspired by the discussions on the forums, saying that the communication with fellow students gave them new ideas and discoveries for their writing. A reviewer highly recommended the course “irrespective of what stage you are at as a writer.”

Will there be a certificate for the course Start Writing Fiction?

You can purchase a printed certificate, called Statement of Participation, for the course Start Writing Fiction , in case you compete the majority of the course steps, including all the tests. The Statement of Participation costs £29.

Is the course Start Writing Fiction free?

The course Start Writing Fiction is completely free.

How do I enroll in the course?

Go to the course page to enroll.